Nicole Demereckis is the designer behind WickedRefind. She has a background of working production in the fashion industry but is now branching out with her designs for herself. She has a classic education in traditional art and is self taught in the digital arts.

Nicole always wants to try new techniques when it comes to crating art. This makes her somewhat of a squirrel, moving from one piece of work to the next depending on her artistic muse. This can be good and bad for an artist/designer. The good is that she usually has something new for you to see. The bad is that she does not have a particular style per say. So make sure you take a good look around her shop as you will see something new around each corner.

Creating is not a want/need for me; it is a drive/compulsion. If I am too tired from working long hours at a mundane job, then this drive usually come out in some form of kitchen art or knitting.

I do not watch a lot of TV. So knitting is usually those couple of months before Christmas. Yes, I am one of those that make gift to give away.

If I have the energy, space, and time(very important), then I will do sketching, painting(acrylic or watercolor), photography, digital art, vector or even beading. Recently because of space issues, it has mostly been art in digital format. If I am not physically making something, than you will probably catch me reading, which means I am painting the stories in my mind.


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I read a lot. If I am reading an author that I very much enjoy the world they have created, then I can go through 500+ book in about a day if I do not watch any TV or work or sleep. Yes, I have done the can’t put the book down and stay up all night reading until 3 am, then realize I have to sleep if I am going to go into the office at all when the sun rises. Usually I go through 2-4 books a week depending on the authors and if I am being a workaholic that week.

I came from a family of readers and DH is also from a family of readers. This is nice since he does not think I am completely insane if I don’t turn on the TV for a week or two or three. I used to always have a paperback book with me whenever I left the house. Now days it has just transferred to digital, which was hard, I miss smelling and holding a paperback book. But is also great too since with an tablet I don’t look so much like a bookaholic, now it looks like I could be on the net or playing games or on FB.

To the right I have made a small list of some of the authors I frequently read in case you are curious. Back in the paperback days it was mostly fantasy or sci fi, with a mystery every once in a while. Then urban fantasy started up. Now I mostly read urban fantasy because there are more female authors. I still read the other two genres, but I got very tired of reading mostly male driven genres.

I like to read stories with a plot, action, humor, life/family, mystery and a little spice/relationship. But I really enjoy an author that does unexpected humor. You know the type of author that can make you laugh or snort out loud unexpectedly, usually in a public place. Those are my favorite.

  • Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant
  • Michelle Sagara
  • Eileen Wilks
  • Benedict Jacka
  • Faith Hunter
  • Patricia Briggs
  • Jennifer Estep
  • G.A. Aiken
  • Jim Butcher
  • Ilona Andrews
  • Elizabeth Hunter
  • Jean Johnson
  • Karen Chance
  • Cat Adams
  • Keri Arthur
  • Anne Bishop
  • Lilith Saintcrow
  • Shelly Laurenston
  • Jack Campbell

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