Basic Customization

$ 30.00

Basic Cotton Ultra ProofSee Request form for other fabric costs.

  • Basic Color Change
  • Hue Change
  • Texture Change
  • Font Change
  • Scaling Down(Free)
  • Scaling Up(Free)
  • Railroading/Directional Change(Free)

Basic Customization

Is there a WR design that you would like a basic change done to it before ordering at Spoonflower or Sproutpatterns? Would you like a different background color? Change the font or wording in a design? The Basic Customization charge covers projects that are estimated take up to one hour of design time (this includes the cost of 1 proofing sample in basic ultra cotton with standard shipping). Once I receive request form, if there are no questions, I will send you a Paypal invoice for payment. Once payment is received I will start on changes, and then email you a revised design for approval. Once you approve the designs revised artwork, I will upload the design to Spoonflower for proofing sample. Spoonflower then sends the “proof” to me and I check to make sure the print looks as close to the design as Spoonflowers printing system allows. Different fabrics will print differently. See Spoonflowers printed fabric examples here: Fabrics

If you are going to print on a different fabric than Basic Ultra Cotton, see request form for pricing based on the type of fabric you are wanting proofed. The cost change covers the cost change in proofing swatch charged to me. Please note that all Spoonflowers designers only make 10% commission per design ordered. So if you order 1 yard of basic ultra cotton with a WR design, I then make $1.75 for that order.

Spoonflower’s production times fluctuates from two days to ten days and can go as high as fifteen days. Standard shipping can take seven to nine days, I have had proofs delivered earlier (3 days) but that is not a guaranteed shipping time. Once I receive the proof and check it, you will be notified that it has been placed for sale and you can then order your own sample or yardage.

Please select a quicker shipping rate on our form if you need me to receive proofing sample faster. Rush shipping is very effective and reaches me in less than a week and sometimes within 72 hours depending on how fast Spoonflower is processes the proof.

 I will contact you confirming once Spoonflower has shipped out the proofing sample to me.

You can see more about Spoonflowers shipping here: Shipping Options

Color Changes

When requesting color changes, please make sure you advise colors using Hex color codes. You can find the Spoonflowers color information here explaining colors and fabric printing: Color I Want

If you are unable to find the Spoonflower color map on their website, you can download it below.

Spoonflower Color Map 2.1

Please remember that unless you have the Spoonflower color map printed on the fabric you are ordering, then there will be slight color changes on the final fabric print. Each monitor changes the colors of the computerized color map.